Why include yoga in your Surftrip ?

Made up of chains of islands, warm turquoise waters, consistent swells, countless tube reefs, palm trees and fine sandy beaches :

The Maldives are a true surfing paradise, with a multitude of spots for both intermediate and professional surfers.

Our Surftrip is designed to gather people with the same love for the lifestyle of surfing and for the ocean. It includes connection to nature, community and living in the present moment. It means letting our past and future on land, and only focus on yourself and on your wellbeing during the day onboard. 

And this is not a rhetorical question..

What is better for that than to combine surfing with yoga ?

Both Surf and Yoga deeply nourish our mind, body and soul. Take a chance to reconnect with yourself, make new friends, eat healthy and fresh food by booking with us. 

Never did Yoga ? No worries, our classes are made especially for surfers (flexible or not). 

Rather it is your first step on a yoga mat and you want to discover the benefits of the practice or you already have a good practice and you want to deepen it:  you will find your happiness in this surf trip. 

We will work flexibility and mobility to improve your body capacities and improve your general surfing. Some quick warm-ups and stretches will be done before and after the surf session. 

And finally, our sunset yoga session will be the perfect time to relax, stretch and get ready for surfing tomorrow.


This retreat is a unique opportunity to expand your surf skills with yoga while connecting with other surfers and sharing good vibes.


Come to enjoy the ride with us !

Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?

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