Escape to Paradise:

All about Meemu Atoll & Island of Mulah.

From island to island, fine white sand and crystal clear waters flow. Are you ready for a taste of heaven on earth?


We are located 2.5 hrs by speedboat from Male ; the capital city, in the central atoll of Meemu.

Meemu Atoll

Meemu, being one of the central atolls, have the advantage of being only 2.5 hrs by speed board ride from the capital of Male. It consists of 33 islands of which only 9 are inhabited islands.

The chain of islands is also well known for its interesting reef formation among divers. The chance to see mantas, various reef sharks, turtles  and the possibility of a rare visit by a whale shark, is what lures divers to Meemu Atoll. Larger fish such as tuna and grouper swim amongst the disco ball flashes coming from swirls of schooling mackerel.


With a population of just above 1,500, the island consists of some of the friendliest Maldivians, cultural values, green gardens, breath taking beaches, and amazing surf and snorkeling / diving opportunities.

Mulah, being our home, is the highest populated island. It’s located on the right end of the atoll making it attractive to most wind and swell directions from the Southern Hemisphere.

All together Surf & Yoga is a place where you can kick back and let yourself live according to your desires.

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