Travel Maldives Itineraries Options

Depending on the time of year, we optimize our routes within the atolls from north to south, from east to west to optimize the best swell and the most beautiful underwater encounters. 

Here below 3 boat itineraries that you can choose to enjoy the pure and magical Maldives waves. 

  • The most accessible  : The Northern Atolls – North and South Male Atoll 

The positive point of this itinerary is that it requires only a short boat ride from the Airport. 

These atolls lay just north and south of Male (the capital). Consistent swells, protected from the wind and world known breaks… These atolls can be very crowded. 

It is the price to pay to surf the international breaks like Chickens, Coke’s, Jailbreaks, Sultans, Ninjas and Lohi’s in the north, and Foxy’s and Riptides in the south.

  • For all surfers, during all type of weather : The Central Atoll – Meemu to Laamu

This trip works with all swells from SW to SE, especially from April to October.
Be ready to navigate 20 hours, for this reason it is recommended to stay at least a week to enjoy your Surtrip the most. 

You will have the chance to surf world-class lines like Yinyang, Mikado or Hadigill. All these breaks are perfect for beginners, intermediates and professionals. 

  • The powerful and uncrowded : The southern Atoll – Huvadhoo Atoll 

If you want to explore the Southern Atolls and his uncrowded pure breaks, Huvadhoo and Addu Atolls are made for you.
Our boat will bring you to the most powerful waves in the Maldives : Beacons and Tiger Stripes. The waves from the Southern Atolls are known to break fast and to be very powerful. Intermediates and professionals will be in the perfect spot to improve their skills. 

Ready for the trip of a lifetime with us?

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