10 tips you should know before traveling to Maldives.

Traveling your trip to the Maldives can be quite a challenge. Indeed, most of the people go there on an All-Inclusive Resort so only a few reviews and feedback of what to do on the other islands can be found on the internet. Here below are some general recommendations before entering the plane and what to see once you get there. 

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Visa : The Maldives are not asking for visas for tourists from many countries. Make sure to have a valid passport and to have enough money to prove your autonomy during your stay. You need to fill in a health declaration form on IMUGA before getting onboard the flight.

General Peak season :  The monsoon season is from April to October. Even if the average temperature is around 28-30 degrees Celsius, rainfall is susceptible to increase during these months. Thus, travelers are coming from early December to march… you must be aware that hotel prices tend to be more expensive at that time. 

Keep an eye on the Muslims holidays, the dates change every year and follow the Islamic lunar calendar ! The Maldives are a very popular destination and can get very busy. 

Surf Peak Season : Is the opposite ! Surfers must be aware that the best period to catch waves is from June to September. With hundreds of different breaks, every surfer’s level will find happiness. 

Prohibited articles : Before taking your flight to Malé, you must know that some articles are banned from entry. The Maldives is a Muslim nation and multiple banning applied. To avoid any problems at the airport, don’t bring any port-based products, tobacco, religious texts or any pornographic material.

Bikini : Maldive has certain clothing constraints, especially for bikinis in local islands. But no worries, even if the law does not permit bikinis on public beaches, some bikinis beaches have been designated for you to work on your tan. Only remember to carry a sarong or a t-shirt on public beaches. 

Note that all the resort islands allow bikinis on beaches. 

Don’t forget the local culture : the Maldives are not only a beach destination. The culture there is unique and beautiful to discover. It is a melting pot of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Middle Eastern and Indonesia. Experience it by attending music and dance performances. Or just by sampling the local food. 

Take the chance to observe the Bioluminescent plankton : Maldivian’s sea life is known worldwide. Nevertheless, manta rays, whale sharks, and turtles are not the only crazy show that you can see. Indeed, the bioluminescent plankton is frequent to see in most of the islands throughout the year. 

Don’t take seashells with you : It is illegal. Rather it be black corals, sand, coral or tortoise shells, collecting seashells is forbidden by the government. In order to control the sand fly population. 

Put your sunscreen on : Don’t waste a day in paradise because of sunburn. Bring sunscreen with you, buying it here can be very expensive. Before going on your board or putting your mask to snorkel, make sure to protect your skin properly.

Avoid drinking Tap water : The nation uses reverse osmosis desalination. Thus the water is perfectly filtered and clean. Even if all the minerals are removed, some islands do remineralize their drinking water. So inform yourself about the system that the island where you stay uses and avoid plastic freshwater. 


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