Misconceptions and Realities of a Surf Trip in Maldives

Maldives is known to be a Surfing Paradise in the Indian Ocean. This fact can’t be denied. 

Nevertheless, when you speak to some Surfers we often hear misconceptions and mistaken beliefs. 

We decided to list and deconstruct them in this article. Indeed, Maldives is a gem that must be seen in one’s lifetime.

First of all, let us tell you what Maldives IS NOT. 

Maldives is not only Resorts Islands 

If you think the Maldives only boasts luxury resorts, you’re wrong. There are plenty of stylish guesthouses on local islands, which are a cheaper alternative to experiencing the magical side of life.

It is also a good alternative if you are traveling on a budget. If you go to delicious local restaurants, stay in a guesthouse your Surf trip will be cheaper than you think. We keep repeating it : Surfing the perfect Maldivian waves is more accessible than popular belief. 

Maldives is not all looking the same 

Same as saying all the surf spots are the same. It is 100% wrong. Each island has its beauty and is particular. It will make your travel even more magical. 

Maldives is not only for Intermediate and Professional Surfers  

Of course, Maldives is known to be a fantastic Intermediate / Professional Surf destination.

Nevertheless, some breaks are good for learning how to surf. For example, in the South Male Atoll Guru’s, you can paddle straight out from the white sand shoreline.

What we recommend you do is to come during the early or the end of the Surf season. The waves will be smaller and perfect for gaining confidence in your surfing. Thus, you can choose to arrive between March and June or at the end of September. 

Secondly, let us tell you some realities you need to know. 

Maldivians Surfers will take your surfing to the next level

Maldivians Surfers know all the secrets of Maldivan swell, waves and breaks. Get the chance to improve your surfing by learning from them. 

Maldivian peoples are friendly and happy to share their knowledge. Don’t miss the chance to get professional tips from locals on the water. 

Reef breaks are ok

We hear from all our guests that they have some apprehensions before coming to Maldives because of the Reef Breaks. The bad reputation of the Maldivian reef has grown during the last decade. Of course, the reef is dangerous, and you have to be aware of it ! Nevertheless, if you apply the basics of Reef Breaks Safety, the Maldivians reef is not more dangerous than other ones. 

Be prepared for the Sun 

Surfing in Maldives can be quite intense due to the Sun conditions. 

Because Maldives is situated in the vicinity of the equator, UV is always extremely high. Zinc will be your best ally for your stay here. 

Don’t hesitate to invest in an UV legging, a hat and good sunscreen. Surfing early in the morning and late afternoon will help. 

Walk to the Surf Spot covered

If you escape the fancy resort islands and stay on local islands, you must respect the local culture. It means you will probably need to walk to the covered beach. Simply wrap yourself around your beach towel before and after your surf session.

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