Madlives’s food : What you need to try on the islands !

Visiting the Maldives is the opportunity to discover the traditional specialities of the archipelago. Most of the restaurants and hotels offer western food. Nevertheless, It would be silly not to try this amazing mix of flavors. 

The best way to sum up Maldives’s gastronomy would be : fish and fruits ! Every dish is based on fresh products thanks to the tropical environment of the country.   

All the plates are generally accompanied by rice, onion, lime and red pepper. The other key ingredient of the country is coconut. The use of it gives a milky and fresh touch to all the preparations, especially for the curries. 

Beside these fresh and refreshing flavors.. Maldivians are also using a lot of spices ! Be careful of the specialties if you are not used to the spiciness of the peppers. 

Specialties  : 


Like much of Asia, the Maldives loves its curries! This is the most popular, everyday dish you can expect to find on a typical Maldivan menu. 

The Mas huni

The most emblematic dish of the gastronomy of the Maldives. It is a puree of flaked tuna, coconut, onions and chilli that is eaten for breakfast and for holidays. It is served with bread, roshi, and fresh lemon. If you only have to taste one specialty, try this one!


These little tuna and potato croquettes are seasoned with chilli, lime and garlic before being breaded and fried. It’s a cheap and delicious snack.

La Garudiya

A popular soup cooked with fish and rice. Chilli, lemon and onion are often added, but each family has its own recipe.

A Special reef fish curry from Laamu Atoll, is a spicy, savoury blast in your mouth, and sure to leave one drooling at the memory for days to come.

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