Best Period to surf in The Maldives ?

Each region of the Maldives – Central, North and South of Male – has its own unique characteristics, each offering different experiences to best enjoy surfing in the Maldives.


The positive in surfing in The Maldives, is that you will find your happiness depending on your level and disponibilities.


The best conditions to surf is during the Southern Hemisphere winter (from March until October). 

During this period, you will find your happiness in all the regions of the Maldives whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional. 


Nevertheless, some regions are to be preferred depending on the monsoon and the wind :


During the North-East monsoon (from March until April), the conditions are ideal  in the Southern Atolls. Indeed, thanks to the Roaring Fortie which creates storms, a constant swell is created during this period. Be prepared for long rides, strong pockets and intense lips ! 

A little tip for the big waves seekers, the biggest waves are likely to occur in July and August


During the South-West monsoon (from May until October), the best surfing area is in the Northern atolls or the Central atolls

The pure and beautiful Northern waves are world known thanks to the professional contests that occur there. Northern atolls include the Male Atolls and it is divided between the North male Atoll and the South Male Atoll. Both provide turquoise water, long rides, lefts and rights. With this in mind, it is reasonable to assert that you find the break that suits you !


Victim of its own success, the Northern atolls can be very crowded during the season. This is why, to opt for the less known Central Atolls can be a good option. Indeed, Thaa and Laamu Atolls have nothing to envy the Southern and northern atolls : barrels, long and speed waves.. you will experience for sure the Maldivian dream. 


Below a little sum up of Maldives Surf Season 


  • “Off season” = December, January, February 

This is the period of least swell activity. If you still want to surf at this time, we recommend you to direct to the Southern Atoll. 


  • “ Great season” – March, April, May, October, November 

This is the best time to surf all the Maldives breaks ! Best time for all intermediate surfers. Consistent swell, great variety of waves.. Your improvement will be fast


  • “Peak Season” – June, July, August, September 

You will find at this time a consistent swell and the biggest wave of the year in Male and Central Atolls. The common size is around 5-6 th range.


To have a better understanding look a this overview made by MagicSeaWeed :

To experience different waves and breaks, check-out our itinerary article. 

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