Check out some of Surf and Yoga Maldives’ Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered here, feel free to email us at !

Few additional expenses are to be expected. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that your international flight is not included.

The Soft and Alcoholic beverages (2&3 USD) are not included. They will need to be paid in cash (USD) at the end of the trip. No worries, the water, coffee and tea are free.

Also, the tips for the crew are not included and believe us, you will want to leave something at the end of your trip.

The Maldives are in the common imagination a surf destination only made for professional surfers. Our goal is to take down this popular belief.
The Maldives are formed of multiple surf breaks for all the levels. From beginner to intermediate, our crew will find the perfect wave to suit you. 

You can trust us : the Maldives are the ideal place to improve your surfing.

It’s advisable that all of our guests purchase adequate medical and travel insurance that covers adventure sports such as surfing.
Authorities in the Maldives do not require vaccinations. Except people from South American countries or Central African, or if you have traveled through these areas before arriving in the Maldives, you will need a yellow fever vaccination.

You will get a regular tourist visa valid for 30 days at arrival. If you would like to stay longer with us, we can help you with the extension of your visa for up to 90 days total stay.

All travelers are required to submit the Traveller Declaration within 96 hours to the flight time, during arrival and departure. This can be applied to IMUGA.

To be sure to prepared we advice you to bring : 


  • Booties to protect you against the reef (even if most people surf without them)
  • A rash guard or long sleeve T-shirt to protect your skin from the sun
  • SUNSCREEN (ocean safe if possible)
  • Surf hat (if you want to be fully protected)
  • Dollars in cash for the drinks you will have on board
  • Fins, leash, wax
  • Snorkeling equipment (you can rent it on board for 10USD/ day)
  • Check your insurance and visa (see FAQ section)
  • Betadine and plaster in case of reef cute (we do have some on the boat but better to have too much that not enough).

 Before taking your flight to Malé, you must know that some articles are banned from entry. The Maldives is a Muslim nation and multiple banning applied. To avoid any problems at the airport, don’t bring any port-based products, tobacco, religious texts or any pornographic material.

Yes, we advise you to bring your own board. A two board quiver is sufficient, with a short board and a semi-gun (6’8” to 7’2”) for bigger days.
Nevertheless, if you don’t have your own board, you will be able to rent here (ask us for the prices).

The Captain and the crew are all trained to react in case of an emergency. There is a first aid kit box on board. If something happens, you will be brought to the nearest island to see a doctor. If the case is serious, we will arrange a speed boat to bring the person to the main hospital in Male.  

Yes, the local network is developed. We advise you to buy a wifi / sim card directly at the airport upon arrival on one local operator counter.

The crew are worried about your good sleep. Everynight the boat is anchored in the peaceful water of the lagoon, which guarantees a calm night of sleep.

Normally, you will not because we navigate most often inside the atoll where the water is calmer.
Remember to rinse your ears after each session because ear infections are more frequent in a humid environment.

We often think that surfing Maldives breaks is reserved for professional surfers. But it is untrue, The Maldives is exposed to the same swells as Indonesia but with less hardcore conditions. Moreover, except if you surf during a very low tide, you never are in contact with dead reefs.
So this destination is ideal for intermediate surfers.

Be sure that your days will be well filled. The majority of your time will be surfing, practicing yoga, eating and sleeping.
Nevertheless other activities can be organized ! Get the chance to fish, to do an amazing BBQ island or some breathwork to increase your lung capacity.

You will also have the opportunity to explore the surrounding islands or snorkel with the local manta rays.
Also, simply relaxing, playing cards, reading or watching movies will be offered activities 😉

There is only reef break in The Maldives and it is generally dead coral. Like in Indonesia, the coral is mostly soft and flat with less powerful waves so the danger is less. Sometimes there is really little water so you have to know how to act in this case (no head first diving, falling flat, avoid walking on the reef…). Most wounds are minor cuts that must be treated systematically to avoid painful infections. Take Betadine with you to disinfect.

Male Atolls charters are recommended for 7-night. If you are interested in exploring the outer atolls, then we recommend a minimum of 10 nights charter. During peak season (June to September), we do recommend a longer trip to discover the remote atolls to escape the crowd.

The three atolls are beginner and intermediate friendly, we will customize our itinerary and the surf break where we stop according to your level. 

If you’re hesitating about the season you want to visit us, check our blog articles about the Best Period to surf in The Maldives.

We call “Intermediate Level”  surfers that can catch unbroken waves by themselves. 


If you have surfed more than a few days 

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