Malé Atolls Itinerary

Duration: 7 nights, 8 days  

Max no of pax: 12 people  

Atolls: Male’ Atoll  

Trips start from: Male 

Trips ends: Male


Ready to experience our 1-week life changing trip ? Our 8 days / 7 nights itinerary has been designed to let you explore the most famous surf breaks all over the North and South of Male Atolls. 

Plan your arrival at Male. After that, we will take good care of you ! 7 full surf days are waiting for you in order to make you improve your surfing level. 

Don’t be intimidated to hear the name of international breaks like Chickens, Cokes’s or Honky’s, our team developed an itinerary that fit all levels !

Our goal is to make you improve your surfing with professional surfers tips and yoga, which is a wonderful physical and mental preparation tool.  

For beginners and intermediate surfers, we will first make you discover Sultans, Ninja and Jailbreaks (all right breaks) in North Male. 

Then we will bring you to South Male which is only a 2-hour boat trip from North Male atoll breaks. Get the opportunity to surf Gurus, Twin Peaks (both left breaks) or Riptides (right break).

This is our ideal itinerary but depending on your requests, the weather, the crowd and your level (beginner or intermediate) we can adjust it. For example, we can choose to only surf in North or South Male (closer to the airport and less crowded than North Male). 

You probably understood it : this lifetime trip is malleable to suit you the most. 

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